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Fire and Explosion Investigations
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Expedited Origin and Cause Reports
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About Us

BSC Fire Services, LLC is part of the BSC Forensics group of companies. Our investigators are skilled in fire scene reconstruction, documentation, burn pattern analysis, and interpretation. This process enables our team to identify, document, collect, and preserve evidence for any required laboratory examinations. The evidence and collection processes may be crucial to the outcome of any potential challenge. Our team has the ability to provide expedited reporting (sometimes within 24 hours) and our reports are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Our skilled team of investigators have investigated fires and explosions ranging from single family homes to large factories, retail, oil and gas storage, and many modes of transportation. We have the ability to be onsite in our custom BroadVans that provide satellite uplinks and power when none exists on-site. This versatility and ability to respond quickly and create reports as we inspect has made us the first choice for many. Our experts are recognized nationally and internationally and provide scientific method reporting that stands up to scrutiny when you need it to!

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We conduct all of our fire investigations in accordance with the scientific method,
as well as provide regular training to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.
About Us