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Fire Origin and Cause Investigation

Our founder spent a portion of his career managing the design of fire suppression systems in government-regulated port buildings. This unique experience provides BSC with an invaluable resource when code upgrades are a consideration after a fire event.
BSC has extensive experience evaluating the extent of fire, smoke, and extinguishing water damage.
Often, structural elements of a building are exposed to heat, smoke, and water during the course of a fire event. BSC can identify elements that require replacement or repair and conversely, those that can be salvaged or that may remain in service.
BSC Fire can provide recommendations around restoring or replacing the damaged structure with both positive and negative considerations for both.
Our engineers provide guidance that helps you stay in compliance with current fire code to help protect you from an insurance loss.

BSC Fire Services is part of the BSC Family of companies. BSC Fire Services has three certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (C.F.E.I.) including Anthony Wm. Flynn, Frank D. Poag, and Gregory E. Thornton.